Bits and pieces my employer has kindly allowed me to release under an Open Source license.

  • gockerize: Tool to package Go programs into small docker containers
  • SSMP: Specification of the Stupid-Simple Messaging Protocol
  • lipwig: Golang implementation of SSMP
  • jssmp: Java implementation of SSMP
  • ssmperf: SSMP load-testing tool
  • valkyrie: Golang implementation of the Zephyr relay protocol


Things I wrote for my own use and/or to scrath an itch. Due to lack of spare time, most of these are not being actively worked on.

  • Articulate: Jekyll plugin to ease creation of long-form articles.
  • Expressify: simple expression evaluator for a safe subset of Ruby. Comes with glue to remedy limitations of Liquid. and packaged as a Jekyll plugin.
  • QCodeEdit: framework to create powerful text editors based on Qt4
  • RotiDeCode: simple text editor based on QCodeEdit
  • Edyuk: C++/Qt IDE, from which QCodeEdit is a spin-off
  • ExpenseSharing: simple desktop app to keep track of shared expenses
  • XOS: operating system for Texas Instruments 83+ series calculators


Various projects made as part of my studies and released for educational purposes.